Sanaa Sliti

Fearless Administration Wizard

Born in London, Sanaa is proud of her Moroccan heritage. She partially spent her childhood in Morocco, and although once again London-based, she still feels strongly connected to her cultural roots.

Professionally, Sanaa worked in a range of Executive Assistant roles before joining GAIA Insights. Her career has taken her to posts in management consulting and global insurance, in both the UK and in Bahrain. Life in the Middle East allowed Sanaa to enjoy the benefits of a luxury lifestyle but first-class travel and an expensive apartment didn’t compensate for the culture shock. She cleverly found ways to adapt culturally, without having to compromise her own personality.

Sanaa feels she has learned an incredible amount about human behavior during her career, including how to best communicate with a variety of people. At GAIA Insights, she applies her outstanding organization skills to program management and network coordination.

Curious fact #1

Sanaa loves to bake, and cupcakes are her specialty. But not any old cupcakes. Her creative cookery has included garden gnome and even Chanel handbag themed cakes.

Curious fact #2

She doesn’t drink or go to the pub, but on weekends you’ll find Sanaa with friends sampling flavors in a shisha lounge. She recommends grape and mint.

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