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We just finished our first of two free leadership development webinars to equip you with knowledge, tools and insights relevant to your leadership role. The first webinar was on resilience where 67% of attendees rated the content as 10/10 for being useful. The remaining attendees rated 8-9/10. Now we are excited for the second one to come with more information below.

Thursday, November 21st at 2pm CET
Leading inclusively: how to lead a team of diverse people. In an ideal world, our workplaces would be perfect melting-pots of lots of different types of people who always have fresh perspectives, ideas and opinions. The reality is even when a team is connected with a beautiful purpose, as soon as you have more than one person, you will have conflict, compromise and challenge. This session will discuss how to recognise and address your assumptions and biases, how to learn from the diversity amongst those who work and volunteer with you and how you can develop an inclusive, respectful organization connected by purpose. We intend to give participants a safe space to learn and engage with each other.

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