How Can We Help?

We are well known for our holistic development programs designed to help leaders become more authentic, inclusive and courageous.
But do you know what else we do?

Consulting, Coaching and temporary Project Support

Are you looking for a coach to help you grow, for a sparring partner to discuss your leadership challenges, a candid ally who wants you to succeed and yet will tell you the inconvenient truth? Or do you have a resource shortage in your team and need temporary support to deliver a talent project on time? Our qualified GAIA Guides are here to help.

Online Leadership Game

Did you know that we launched the world’s first point-and-click adventure game exclusively designed to develop leadership skills? Rest assured that we poured the same love and dedication into this game that make our programs so special. Nothing in this game happens by coincident. It offers an unparalleled depth of digital learning for a small budget.