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Every once in a while something special happens that we then announce here.

Good things come in threes...

Corporate Vision Magazine awarded us for the second consecutive year, making this our third award. According to their press release: “Education is the cornerstone of evolution. Spanning many industries, our winners help other individuals and businesses to flourish through education and training. They cultivate a nourishing environment to ensure their clients can experience the highest level of support. In the same vein, they share their knowledge to help their clients to assist others. This results in a chain reaction of shared information and understanding for the world as we know it.”

Our 2023 Alumni Survey Results are in!

Summer is annual alumni survey time: Every year in summer, we run our alumni survey which is sent to former participants who graduated from an extended GAIA Insights leadership development program. We survey alumni for up to 5 years (!) after their program ended, which is why we can truthfully report on the sustained impact of our work. We say THANK YOU to the alumni who graduated from one of our corporate leadership programs between 2018 and 2022. They are still rating the impact of their learning journey extremely high.

We offer Climate Fresk sessions!

3 hours, 42 cards, 1 facilitator… and you? The Climate Fresk is a science-based and collaborative workshop recommended by researchers, politicians and business leaders that aims to make people understand the causes and consequences of climate change. It can be held virtually or in person. If you want to bring regenerative leadership to your organization, this is a great place to start. Invite us to deliver a Climate Fresk experience to your team or organization!

Leadership Development & Coaching Solutions of the Year

GAIA Insights Wins Leadership Development & Coaching Solutions Of The Year 2023! This honor was awarded to us by Corporate LiveWire. The judging panel was particularly impressed by our creative approach to leadership development and our ability to transform participants: "GAIA Insights has reimagined leadership, supporting organisations as a whole to develop leaders from within. The knowledge of its international team ensures a diverse approach that can be tailored to each business and individual, nurturing their natural leadership skills to inspire transformation."

GAIA Insights has become an award-winning company!

We feel honored and proud to be awarded “Best Training & Coaching Solutions Provider - Northwest Switzerland” by Corporate Vision Magazine! The 2022 Education & Training Awards shine the spotlight on the paragons of education and training: “Professional development is a priority in order to keep teams knowledgeable and performing at their very best. Whether delivering consultancy, support or professional training opportunities, we have endeavored to showcase those that have truly come to define the sector that they work in. These educators are changing peoples’ lives for the better, opening doors to new opportunities and, ultimately, success.”