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Who Do You Like To Work With?

When it comes to the development of your leaders, what kind of partner do you want?
Is being heard, understood, challenged and supported important for you?

GAIA Insights’ employees, partners and coaches are handpicked to find the best possible solutions and equip your people with the leadership qualities required to accomplish your business goals.

To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care.

Mandy Hale

GAIA Insights Is for You If You:

  • Aspire to transform your own or your company’s leadership – supported by a caring team that is driven by the passion to make a long-lasting impact and is committed to see you succeed

  • Want to benefit from a boutique firm with the reach of a global player – combining flexibility with a strong network of expert partners and coaches from around the world

  • Wish to work with a partner who doesn’t only pay lip service to the ‘new world of work’ but actually lives it – we run a virtual business, practice what we preach, and draw on regenerative leadership and teal principles

“Each of our GAIA Insights teams was incredibly invested in the program and worked hands-on with all participants, ensuring everyone was empowered to get the maximum out of their personal and collective development journey.”

M. Nicoud, Global Talent Management & Leadership Development Leader, Netherlands

“Some of the best coaches and support team I have experienced in my work career. Lots of thought put into the sessions and I love the focus on the smaller details.”

Robert Leo Maslamoney, Managing Director Maersk Angola

Our Core Team

At GAIA Insights we hire for character, commitment and competence. Instead of immaculate superheroes, you are dealing with a diverse team of human beings, each an expert in their field whether it is learning design, facilitation or program management. We pride ourselves on coming from many backgrounds – professionally, geographically and culturally. Combining experience in various industries, fields and organizations we all bring our best game to the table, depending on what’s needed for your program to succeed.

Hannes Kaufmann

Design & Communications, Austria

Katrien Roels

Program Management & Operations, France

Mother Nature “Gaia”

Continuous Guidance & Inspiration, Universe

Martina Mangelsdorf

Strategic Dreaming & Program Design, Germany

Paul Elias

Program Design & Facilitation, United Kingdom

Sopha-Mith Kong

IT Support, Germany

Valeria Torino

Program Design & Facilitation, Spain

Where We Work

GAIA Insights is a 100% virtual business, all our employees are home-based in various countries around the world. Our paperless workspace is a given, flexibility around working hours and locations is self-evident. Our staff members take as many holidays as they can responsibly manage, and voluntary social engagement counts as work-time. We recently implemented a horizontal organizational set-up, including self-managed teams. All this because we do not only believe in the future of work, we choose to create it.

See below to find out which regions our core team members and coaches call home. Since our expert partners work globally, they are not placed on the map, instead we flag the places where we have delivered live sessions so far.

Our Partners

Our partners dedicate their expertise and facilitation to deliver programs tailored to your requirements. Collectively, they have served client organizations of all shapes and sizes, in many different industries and geographies around the world.

Essentially working with GAIA Insights is like attending a concert, where we are the conductor of an orchestra and each musician is a master of their instrument. Bringing them all together is when the magic happens. It’s GAIA Insights’ unique blend that creates the leadership development program you want for your next generation of leaders.

Our Coach Network

GAIA Insights’ strong and diverse coach network around the world will serve you when and where you need it. We partner with over 100 coaches from 30 countries across 5 continents. Apart from their local practice, all our coaches provide remote services. While we do not subscribe to any one coaching method over another, all our coaches are experienced in tailoring their methodology and approach to each individual client. They draw their expertise from an academic coaching qualification and varied life experiences in the fields of business, psychology, mindfulness, spirituality, health and cultural studies.

What’s important in our approach to coaching is that participants get to choose their coach from a handpicked selection of profiles. We carefully match each individual and offer them a diverse set of coaches considering language, cultural background, different approaches and various styles to choose from. Participants have ‘chemistry calls’ with several coaches prior to choosing who they wish to work with, thus taking accountability for their learning and personal growth. Trust and respect are the cornerstones of every coaching relationship we engage in, coupled with empathy and confidentiality, as well as open and constructive feedback.

Coaches by Country


Clara Beleiro
Ignacio Rico


Eva McArdle
Tanya Camilleri


Sabine Wieger


Chonin Kuo


Silvana Fioravanti
Walter Alba


Dawn Large
Delphine du Toit
Kasia Gurgul


Clark Sun
Dan Bass
David Yang
Surina Wang


Evan Bernache


Jan Winther Andreassen


Marie Nordling
Patricia Quiddington


Dilia Fuentes de van Essen
Dorothee Kaiser
Mareike Walter-Paschkowski
Regina Vogel


Catherine Engmann

Hong Kong

Bernard Cheng
Nigel Cumberland


Gopal Sehjpal
Harmeet Anand
Rajiv Verma
Rolli Kesarwani
Saraswathi Anand


Pedro Tetteroo


Helen Burgess


Eri Oba
Mete Yazici
Patrick Laudon


Dr. Rachel Monyoncho
Michael Oyier


Beatriz Estrada
Marcela Genis


Esther van der Ham
Paula Laning
Sandra Schmoldt


Julia Feng


Pedro Pinto


Adel Shadrina
Sergey Golubkov
Svetlana Shapovaliants

South Africa

Hylton Gudmanz
Sandra Ansorge
Woon Peng Ziady


Marina Puigvert
Rosita Cordasco


Malin Hedlund


Christiane Kosub
Christine Billy
Esther Goette
Gaby Lederer-Ganse
Håkan Andlid
Katelijne Vercaeren
Michael Bieder
Rebecca van der Merwe
Sam Allen
Sherif El-Henaoui
Simone Reeves
Vinay Deshpande


Eddie Lynch
Liliana Ögün

United Arab Emirates

Desi Jagger
Safa Zof
Youssra Tonbol

United Kingdom

Andre Ribeiro
Glynne Steele
James Rees
Jeremy Sutton
Joseph Grech
Kay McCandless
Maria Kassova
Matteo Trevisan
Nita Sharma
Richard Cook
Saira Chaudry
William Anderson


Alessandra Zielinski
Alexander Kosnik
Alexis Diaz
Bernadette Norz
Claire Lidome
Clare Merlo
Elaina Battistessa
Ines Meneses
Jane Sommers-Kelly
Jennifer L. Smith
John Murphy
Kathryn Welds
Lara Siegel
Loubna Noureddin
Marianna Lead
Martin Costa
Mina Brown
Rachel Parikh
Renny Bloch
Shannon Goodwin
Sophie Castell
Susan Sadler
Valerie Sokolosky