How Do You EMPOWER Yourself And Others?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘diversity’?
Do you know how to foster inclusion and belonging in a professional context?

EMPOWER by GAIA Insights connects the dots between diversity, inclusive leadership,
employee engagement and better business results.

People must feel safe to be honest about themselves and towards others.
Only then can we use the strength of everyone.

Jos de Blok

EMPOWER Is For You If You Want To:

  • Do more than just raise your awareness about diversity and inclusion (D&I) – you want to ‘unlearn’ and relearn to cultivate a genuine sense of belonging

  • Lead more diverse teams successfully and change organizational practices for the benefit of the business, including talent retention and stakeholder engagement

  • Attract and work with a broader set of customers, to tap into new market segments

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“I wanted to empower others instead of doing it myself. I learned inclusive leadership gets team buy-in as well as results.”

Thijs van den Heuvel, Operations Director, Netherlands


Foster open conversations about race, religion, gender, disability, sexuality, systemic inequality and other D&I aspects. Build psychological safety and trust by creating an environment in which all humans are equal, but definitely not the same.


Uncover bias and stereotypes, and decode power and privilege. Practice acceptance and integrate new beliefs, behaviors, ways of working and value systems to be more inclusive.


Embrace individuality, practice allyship, and recognize how our differences can engage and unite people to make better decisions, positively impact results and shift the current business paradigm for the better.

It set me ‘free’ from many things that held me back in the past. The tools, feedback and opportunities to grow into who I am today set me up to take my biggest professional development leap ever.”

Søren Pedersen, Head of Professional & Outsourced Services, Denmark

“A once in a lifetime experience that challenged my paradigms, by holding up a mirror and pushing me to reflect on where I come from, who I am – and gave me the tools to build a new leadership layer.”

Razvan Oprisan, COO APM Terminals Vado, Italy

Foster Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

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Did you know...

We also offer professional services such as individual or team coaching, consulting, facilitation or conversations with a GAIA Guide as your “critical friend”.

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