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About GAIA Insights

Company Profile

Take a look at our brief Company Profile to learn more about GAIA Insights.

2020 Results and Impact Survey

Read our 2020 Impact Survey outlining results for leaders and organizations.

Client Success Story – Early Talent

Find out about the impact of an early talent program we delivered for 250 leaders.

APM Terminals – Client Success Story

See APM Terminal's view on our programs and what the business benefits are.

Client Success Story – 100% Virtual Program

Read about a 100% virtual program we delivered for a large international client.

Participant Success Story – ASPIRE

See our ASPIRE program through the eyes of a participant - and how it made them re-think leadership.

Client Success Story – Logistics Industry

Take a look at the program we created for a leading logistics and supply chain company.

Client Success Story – Healthcare Industry

Read about the results of a program we delivered for a global pharmaceutical company.

Succeed In The Hybrid Workplace

Read more about CONNECT in our 2-page summary.

Our Online Game

The Legend of the Teal Ocean – Play Now!

Fate does Not Depend on Luck. Develop Your Skills and Take Charge. Start your quest now to find the Teal Ocean and play!

New Online Leadership Game – Download an Overview

Overview of the game, what it is, what players learn, what’s included and how the game can be used as part of a corporate learning portfolio.

Teal Ocean Innovating Edutainment – Visit the Website

In this game you assume the role of Captain and lead your crew on a ship to face increasingly complex challenges as your adventure unfolds...


Jouke Schaap

Exactly what I needed to be successful.

“A Life-Changing Experience”

Listen to our alumni Jouke Schaap talk about his transformational leadership program with GAIA Insights.

Rebecca de Luca

Not comparable to anything else.

Thijs van den Heuvel

Worth every penny.

“A Journey to a New You”

Listen to Mehdi Ben Mouloud talk about the powerful and long-lasting impact ASPIRE had.

Mehdi Ben Mouloud

Powerful, long-lasting impact.

Our Videos


A Taste Of GAIA Insights

In 90 seconds get a taste of what we do at GAIA Insights. Because we care about people, planet & purpose.

GAIA Insights Is Unique

Eddie Lynch talks about the holistic approach to leadership development that makes us unique.

Business Benefits

Dave Bancroft-Turner explains our programs don’t just benefit participants, but business too.

ASPIRE To Transform Your Leaders

Transform yourself, your team and your organization.

Leadership is Listening

William Anderson, expert on influence and negotiation, explains how ASPIRE hones your listening skills to deepen your relationships.


Create sustained learning and authentic behavior change to excel as an impactful and influential leader.


Equalize. Energize. Sustain.

BALANCE Teaser – Because, We Are Human

Equip leaders to maintain a healthy and productive balance to sustain high performance.

1. Physical Balance – Is It… A Balancing Act?

We need to be resilient and physical balance plays an important role.

CONNECT To Make Virtual Work Effective

Create meaningful connections and reinvent remote working.

Engaging Virtual Meetings – 1. Whiteboards

Delivering engaging virtual meetings – Top tip #1: Whiteboards

Engaging Virtual Meetings 2. Get People Talking

Delivering engaging virtual meetings – Top tip #2: Get people talking

EMPOWER Yourself And Others

Learn. Unlearn. Act.

EMPOWER Teaser – Do These Questions Make You Uncomfortable?

EMPOWER your leaders - Because we are equal, but definitely the same.

Are You Aware Of Your Bias?

An 'Instant Insight' by GAIA Insights that questions aspects of unconscious bias.

RISE To Nurture Future-Fit Leaders

Develop innovative and agile Regenerative Leaders.

The Principles Of Regenerative Leadership

Giles Hutchins, Future Fit Leadership Academy, speaks about Regenerative Leadership, the 3rd pillar of RISE by GAIA Insights.

1. Does Your Business Have A Future?

To remain viable, business must become part of the solution to the challenges facing us today.

Our Blog

Happy GAIAversary!

Among our clients, we are known for going ‘all in’. Whatever we do, we don’t do it half-heartedly. The next 12 years won't be an exception to this rule. Happy GAIAversary!

Ever heard of Strategic Dreaming?

Strategic Dreaming® is the intentional pursuit of a cherished, greatly desired aspiration. Let’s look at three key ingredients to manifest a dream. Seriously, there is a method to it!

How to deal with different types of fatigue

Most of us have experienced some level of fatigue at some point in our lives, but did you know that there are different types of fatigue and that applying the wrong recovery strategy can actually worsen your fatigue?

Spiritual Balance: A Journey Within

Spiritual Balance points out how we can gain energy from faith and deeper spiritual connectedness by asking existential questions around meaning and purpose. Gaining clarity on values, principles, morals and beliefs helps to define what really matters in life.

Cultivating Inner Harmony and Emotional Balance

Emotional balance explores emotional triggers, how to recognize stress factors and ways of better managing emotional responses instead of getting hijacked by our brain’s auto response. It also addresses how to develop more empathy and (self-) compassion.

A Guide for Leaders in Achieving Mental Balance

Mental balance explains how the brain affects our mindset and behavioral patterns. It optimizes focus, presence and mindfulness, to be better equipped to manage setbacks, build mental resilience and influence negative thought patterns.

Our Webinars

From Crisis Comes Opportunity

Identify some key learnings from the COVID-19 crisis, and imagine what kind of society we want to create for the future.

Empathy, Gratitude & Self-Awareness In The Corporate World

Watch this webinar on how to become a more conscious leader with empathy, gratitude and self-awareness.

The Power of Communities In Times Of Crisis

As human beings, we need social connection to feel alive. In this webinar learn some tips to create & host strong, sustainable communities.

Our Podcasts

Leadership and Inclusivity

Manuel Wachter, Managing Director of EqualPlus, talks D&I in the workspace.

An Introduction to BALANCE

Paul Elias, Facilitator and Performance Coach, talks about how the BALANCE program helps you develop long-lasting high-performance habits to manage and maintain your energy.

RISE – An Introduction

Our RISE program helps you to apply a regenerative approach to leadership, to ensure long-term profitability for your organization.