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Company Profile

Take a look at our 2-page Company Profile to learn more about GAIA Insights.

2020 Results and Impact Survey

Review the results of our 2020 Survey to see our impact on leaders and organizations.

Client Success Story – Healthcare Industry

Read about the results of a program we designed & delivered for a global pharmaceutical company.

Client Success Story – Logistics Industry

Take a closer look at the program we created for a leading logistics and supply chain company.

APMT – Client Success Story

Read the APMT Case Study for a client view on our programs and what the business benefits are.

Client Success Story – 100% Virtual Program

Read the short overview about our virtual Voyage program. 

Our Videos

GAIA Insights


A Taste of GAIA Insights

Watch this 90 second video to get a taste of what we do at GAIA Insights, which reflects our purpose, ethos and brand promise.

GAIA Insights is Unique

In this short video Eddie Lynch talks about the holistic approach to leadership development that makes GAIA Insights unique.

Business Benefits

Our programs don’t just benefit participants, they have profound business benefits too.



RISE to Thrive by GAIA Insights

Nurture agility, innovation and Regenerative Leadership for a sustainable future.

The principles of Regenerative Leadership.

Giles Hutchins, Future Fit Leadership Academy, and Daniela Acosta, GAIA Insights, talk about Regenerative Leadership, which is the third pillar of the RISE leadership program by GAIA Insights.

How intrapreneurship relates to innovation.

Matt Lawson, Downstream Innovation, and Daniela Acosta, GAIA Insights, talk about the importance of intrapreneurship, making it the second pillar of the RISE leadership program by GAIA Insights.

What is Natural Intelligence.

Leen Gorissen, Centre4NI, and Daniela Acosta, GAIA Insights, talk about why Natural Intelligence is the first pillar of the RISE leadership program by GAIA Insights.

1. Does Your Business Have a Future?

To remain viable, business must become part of the solution to the challenges facing us today.

2. The Business Benefits of RISE

Regenerative Leadership practices are about ensuring future profitability.



Introducing BALANCE by GAIA Insights

Finding and maintaining balance is a crucial, yet often overlooked, leadership skill.

1. Physical Balance – Is it… a balancing act?

We need to be resilient and physical balance plays an important role.

2. Mental Balance – How does your brain influence your health?

Keep a calm mind, optimize focus and build your mental resilience.

3. Emotional Balance – How are you, really?

Emotional health and well-being are key to live a balanced life.

4. Spiritual Balance – Do you ever wonder… who you really are?

Develop your full potential and connect to your purpose.

What is BALANCE?

Find out about the essence of BALANCE in this 1 minute introduction by Paul Elias.



What is ASPIRE?

Create sustained learning and authentic behavior change to excel as an impactful and influential leader.

Shaping Future Leaders

GAIA Insights is making the world a better place, one leader at a time.

Leading from Within

Our leadership development journeys shift mindsets and actions – through leading from within.



What is EMPOWER?

Discover the essence of EMPOWER in this 1 minute introduction by Claire Coulson.

Are you aware of your bias?

This "Instant Insight" questions aspects of your unconscious bias.

Preventing Sexual Harassment In The Corporate World

The #metoo generation no longer accepts abuse of power.



CONNECT Image Video

Watch our brand new CONNECT image video

Engaging Online Meetings & Webinars – 1. Whiteboards

Delivering engaging online meetings – Top tip #1: Whiteboards

2. Get People Talking

Delivering engaging online meetings – Top tip #2: Get people talking

3. Look Into My Eyes

Delivering engaging online meetings – Top tip #3: Look into my eyes

4. Brain Breaks

Delivering engaging online meetings – Top tip #4: Brain breaks

5. Finish on a High

Delivering engaging online meetings – Top tip #5: Finish on a high

Our Blog

Remote Working: Pros and Cons

I asked our staff about the challenges of remote working, some of them answered based on their 10 years of experience. These are their answers:

5 Tips To Make Virtual Work Effective

As the founder and CEO of a 100% virtual company, whose staff has been working home-based out of different countries since 2012, I was recently invited to participate in a panel conversation about working remotely in distributed teams.

A Hybrid Future Is Here To Stay

When virtual working became the norm for a huge proportion of the workforce overnight, many of us just muddled through until we could get back to normal. Now, it is becoming clear that for countless organizations, things have changed forever.

Future-Fit Thinking

I spend a lot of time talking with senior business executives discussing how their leaders and organizations need to evolve and adapt to respond to our rapidly changing world and its current challenges.

Are You Paying Attention?

In your daily life, do you find your mind wandering? Are you often so caught up in checking your phone or “doing” so many things that you’re not engaging with those around you? It can be difficult to be in the moment when you have a full schedule or other things on your mind. But if you’re not aware of what’s going on around you, are you spending your time wisely?

The Challenges of Becoming a B Corp™

Certified B Corps are a new kind of business that balances people, planet, and purpose. We mindfully consider the impact of our decisions on our employees, customers, supply chain, community, and the environment.


Jouke Schaap

Exactly what I needed to be successful.

Rebecca de Luca

Not comparable to anything else.

Thijs van den Heuvel

Worth every penny.

Stefan Huyveneers

You learn for life and your long-term career.

Mehdi Ben Mouloud

Powerful, long-lasting impact.

Natalie Unstead

An opportunity for true transformation.

Our Webinars

The Power of Gratitude

Would you like to end the year on a note of gratitude? Are you wondering how you can express appreciation towards others in a meaningful way, even in a virtual setting? Join Martina Mangelsdorf, founder of GAIA Gives and Chief Strategic Dreamer at GAIA Insights.

Increasing Your Leadership Through Mental Strength

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or unclear in the middle of a challenging situation? Has tiredness, stress or anxiety become part of your day-to-day? Join Valeria Torino, an experienced trainer in performance under pressure, and Program Mentor at GAIA Insights.

For Leaders Who Manage Everything – Except Their Own Energy

Do you want to polish your competitive edge – and yet tiredness, stress or anxiety have become part of your day-by-day?

Sharpening Your Leadership Saw

This webinar will focus on understanding how leaders grow – personally and professionally – and exploring how you can make it a habit for life.

Creating Creativity

This webinar will focus on the conditions necessary for creativity to occur in the brain and explore whether deliberately creating moments of insight might be easier than we think.

Curiosity in Uncertainty

This webinar will focus on exploring how we can slow down, ask the interesting questions and continue to learn and grow, despite the ambiguity around us.

Our Podcasts

Leadership and Inclusivity

Join Manuel (Manu) Wachter, Managing Director of EqualPlus and Aurélie Salvaire, Program Director at GAIA Insights for a conversation about equality and inclusivity in the workspace.

An Introduction to BALANCE

BALANCE from GAIA Insights will develop long-lasting high-performance habits that help you deal with intense periods at work, and still have energy left for the activities and the people you love. Today on the podcast we have Paul Elias, BALANCE Program Director with an introduction to the program.

RISE – An Introduction

RISE powered by GAIA Insights equips you to flourish during the transition by applying a regenerative and evolutionary approach to leadership to ensure long-term profitability. Tell us what you think of this latest episode in the comments! Do you have any questions that we can answer for you?

Diversity and Inclusion

Claire talks about the matters of equality, inclusion, the body image of women in society and her experience with racism.

Intercultural Competence and Personal Transformation

Aditi Gupta and Aurélie Salvaire talk about the importances of intercultural competence & personal transformation.

Equality and Gender Stereotypes in the Workplace

Mansi and Aurélie talk about gender equality and stereotypes of women in the workplace.