How Do You Maintain Your BALANCE?

Do you know that balance is a crucial, yet often overlooked, leadership skill?
And that high-performance habits can increase your productivity and effectiveness?

BALANCE by GAIA Insights builds resilience and vitality so leaders and organizations can optimize and sustain their performance.

In all activities of life the secret of efficiency lies in an ability to combine two seemingly incompatible states – one of maximum activity and one of maximum relaxation.

Aldous Huxley

BALANCE Is For You If You Want To:

  • Develop long-lasting high-performance habits that help you deal with intense periods at work, and still have energy left for the activities and the people you love

  • Optimize and role model physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance – because being part of a healthier, happier and more productive team is good for the bottom line

  • Reap business benefits from decreased absenteeism and turnover

“I learned how to manage not only my time but also my energy. I apply a toolbox of methods on a daily basis now. The business impact is that I am more effective and resilient.”

Stefan Huyveneers, Head of Cyber Security Consultancy, Netherlands




Understand the physiology of your body and brain. Implement sustainable routines around nutrition, exercise, mindset and recovery by identifying what works for you and striking your individual balance.


Lead with increased effectiveness and vitality. Learn and apply tools and techniques to better manage your energy, stress and time to master your leadership challenges.


Create and maintain your vision of balanced ways of living and working, for improved effectiveness and physical as well as mental resilience. Today, tomorrow and beyond. 

“I would never have imagined the impact and long-lasting effect. I learned to master my time and task management, be energized, and be a great role model for the team.”

Simone Popp, Associate Director, Switzerland

“It has changed me as a person and the experience has transformed my life both at home and at work, to become more mindful, resilient and strategic.”

Candice Revill, Senior Regional HSSE Manager, South Africa

Read, Watch, Listen

Dave Bancroft-Turner

Business Benefits

Fall in Love with Routine


Energy Management for Leaders


Experience BALANCE

Individuals and teams can get a taste of BALANCE through an open enrollment program.

Organizations can opt for holistic or customized journeys for groups.

Discover the key elements here.

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Did you know...

We also offer professional services such as individual or team coaching, consulting, facilitation or conversations with a GAIA Guide as your “critical friend”.

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