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Why Do We Do What We Do?

The current way many corporations do business is not sustainable.
What if we could reimagine leadership and make it part of the solution?

GAIA Insights transforms leaders from within. We support organizations to engage, develop and retain next generation leaders. Being a next generation leader is not a question of age. It is a mindset.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you anywhere.

Albert Einstein

We Imagine

At GAIA Insights, we are dreaming of a world that is worth living in, both for us and for future generations. Corporate leaders play a major role in shaping that world. That’s why our vision is to make the world a better place by developing people to lead from within.

We Care

Leading from within means leading from the heart. It means trusting your inherent wisdom and looking after the people in your care. Seeing the human potential in leaders is at the heart of everything we do. Because we care about people, planet and purpose.

We Act

We choose to act because, collectively, we want to leave a legacy. Inspired by the beauty of our planet, by the people around us and a strong sense of purpose. Together we are composing the world we want to live in. One leader at a time.

“The GAIA Insights program was a once in a lifetime journey, a complete experience. Fast-paced, intense, challenging and inspiring. It bonds people, sparks unexplored potential and paved the way for me to become the leader I want to be.”

Rene Koopman, Head of Legal Europe/North Africa, Netherlands

The most sustainable program I have ever attended… a life-changing experience not to miss! You are constantly reflecting and working on yourself. I got pushed out of my comfort zone and that is where I learned the most to develop and change.”

André B., Team Leader Milling & Blending, Switzerland

Our Values

Our values are the building blocks of GAIA Insights‘ DNA. They serve as the beacons of a lighthouse and guide our behaviors and attitude when it comes to business decisions and relationships, and we hold ourselves accountable against them.

  • Integrity – We are transparent, honest and guided by strong ethics.

  • Courage – We are fearless in the pursuit of our vision and strategic dreaming.

  • Positivity – We choose to focus on opportunities, even at times of challenge.

  • Passion – We are driven by our inner purpose to make a difference because we care.

Our Ethos

Working with GAIA Insights means that you partner with people who have strong beliefs and convictions that influence how we design our programs and how we show up. Partnering with GAIA Insights may not be for everyone. But those who share our fundamental beliefs and have put their trust in us, are not disappointed.

  • Everybody is a unique leader in their own right – We want everyone to become the best version of themselves. We do not aim to mold people into a certain shape – instead we celebrate diversity.

  • Separation is an illusion – We see connectedness everywhere. We are connected to nature and to each other because we only have one planet to call home. We think integration and we develop holistically – the leader and the person.

  • Disruption is the new normal – We expose participants to many different perspectives and unexpected scenarios, so they can flex their ambiguity muscle and embrace leadership in a VUCA world. We take agile leadership to the next level.

  • Human trumps digital – We believe that creativity, empathy and collaboration are key qualities for leaders to succeed in the future. Skills and knowledge can and will be taken over by digital systems – but no computer can replace the human factor of leadership.

  • Participants first. Always – We take decisions based on what’s best for participants, not for our wallet. We provide personalized guidance for each participant, pushing them gently out of their individual comfort zone so they can build resilience. We pour our hearts into it because we truly care.

Our Brand Promise

Disruption was yesterday. Today is all about connection. Connecting people. Connecting the dots. Connecting your leadership challenge and our mission. Staying true to our vision, values and principles, we strive to meet the highest quality standards and to exceed your expectations of how influential leadership development can be.

  • Commitment – We go beyond the extra mile to deliver results and creative solutions.

  • Excellence – We provide nothing less than premium quality and high-touch service.

  • Collaboration – We believe in the power of reciprocity, sharing and fair partnership.

  • Sustainability – We think and act holistically, take regenerative actions and aim for sustained results.

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GAIA Insights is making the world a better place, one leader at a time.

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Our vision is to make the world a better place, by shaping corporate leaders to lead from within.