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Why Do Others Choose Us?

According to our clients we “make magic happen”.
They appreciate our flexibility, partnership, attention to detail and our focus on results.

While we could talk about the value GAIA Insights can bring to your organization,
we prefer to give the floor to those who have worked with us.

Impactful beyond imagination, brilliantly orchestrated from A-Z. Life-changing!

Joost Mes, Chief Operations Officer, Netherlands – GAIA Insights program participant

Read and watch what others think about GAIA Insights below. Do you like what you see and hear, and want to create similar impact for yourself and your organization? We look forward to working with you! For more testimonials click here.

Our Clients

“What makes the GAIA Insights approach different is that it allows us to bring together various specialists within their respective fields to deliver a unique experience to the participants. It is fully customized to us and the development needs of the individuals.”

Peter Jakobsen, former Global Head of Talent Management, APM Terminals, Netherlands

“Moving away from traditional programs to curated development journeys that engage the learner at various levels is the right way to go. ASPIRE is a high-touch experience, specifically designed for and catering to the next generation of corporate leaders.”

GAIA Insights Client, Executive Development Professional, Switzerland

“Ensuring employees feel a sense of belonging and a connection to their company’s purpose is not only the right thing to do, but also drives engagement and empowerment across the workforce, ultimately creating value throughout teams and organizations.”

M. Nicoud, Global Talent Management & Leadership Development Leader, Netherlands

Our Participants

This is a life-changing program. It’s different and unique. I don’t think I ever had such a mind-impacting program in my entire career. It helped me change to become a better version of myself.”

Sherif George, Head of Chemicals, Industrials and Reefers, United Arab Emirates

“It made me progress by learning a growth mindset and how to lead through ambiguity. The experience allows a sustained approach to learning… proven to have a value return to the business.”

Patricia Perez Salazar, Head of Sales, Mexico

In 3 words: fun, life-changing, priceless. On a scale of 1-10 on how much this program changed my personal and professional life: it’s a 10. Worth every penny! Years after graduation I am still using program tools, methods and ideas 2-3 times a week.”

Thijs van den Heuvel, Operations Director, Netherlands

Our Coaches And Partners

“The focus on business outcomes such as profitability, productivity and more effectiveness at every level is a very purposeful way of doing leadership development.”

Dave Bancroft-Turner, Expert, Founder of the Academy for Political Intelligence, United Kingdom

“Being a leader comes with great mental, physical, social and emotional demands. The program helps break down the complexity and optimizes personal and organizational performance.”

Dr. Rachel Monyoncho, Executive Coach, Kenya

“I was thrilled to witness the impact on participants in areas that prevailing leaders need – an inclusion mindset, diversity, thinking differently and removing unconscious bias.”

Håkan Andlid, Associate Certified Coach, ANDLID International, Switzerland

ASPIRE is ‘The Mother of all Leadership Programs’. It‘s a deeply immersive experience, really tough and extremely rewarding. It creates lasting learning and immediate behavioral change.”

William Anderson, Facilitator, Partner at The TeamWorks, United Kingdom