What Do You ASPIRE To?

Have you ever asked yourself what is genuinely unique about your leadership?
Do you know how to unlock potential in others?

ASPIRE by GAIA Insights creates sustained learning and authentic behavior change for you to excel as an impactful and influential leader – to make a difference in the world.

Conceive of a legitimate purpose in your heart, and set out to accomplish it.

James Allen

ASPIRE Is For You If You Want To:

  • Improve leadership of yourself, your team and your organization for greater impact by inspiring and motivating others

  • Increase team trust and collaboration to have a ripple effect on employee engagement and a positive company culture

  • Accelerate leaders’ readiness and strengthen the talent pipeline of your organization

See what clients think in our success stories

This leadership program was exactly what I needed to be successful. It was impactful, life-changing and supported me in taking the next career step for my executive role.”

Jouke Schaap, Managing Director, Netherlands


Understand your own and others’ behavioral preferences to enhance your self-awareness and empathy. Learn to embrace vulnerability and discover your leadership purpose.


Draw on your leadership qualities and emotional intelligence to take your communication, influencing and stakeholder management skills to the next level. Hone your executive presence and personal impact to lead authentically and confidently from within.


Apply new behaviors and political intelligence to navigate workplace dynamics, strengthen business performance and positively shape your organizational culture.

“Connecting my leadership purpose to my daily work had a positive impact on my own engagement and our team dynamics. I am a more collaborative leader.”

Rebecca De Luca, Business Franchise Head, Belgium

“The ASPIRE program is not just some other leadership training. It is really a journey to a new you, that can make a bigger difference and bigger impact on people.”

Mehdi Ben Mouloud, Operations Manager & Transformation Lead, Netherlands

ASPIRE To Transform Your Leaders

Transform yourself, your team and your organization.

Lead With Authenticity And Impact

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Did you know...

We also offer professional services such as individual or team coaching, consulting, facilitation or conversations with a GAIA Guide as your “critical friend”.

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