GAIA Insights Values in Action

Our values are the building blocks of GAIA Insights‘ DNA. They serve as the beacons of a lighthouse and guide our behaviors and attitude when it comes to business decisions and relationships, and we hold ourselves accountable against them:

Integrity – We are transparent, honest and guided by strong ethics.

Being transparent is being open, saying things as they are, even if on occasion it means explaining why we cannot disclose everything. Being honest is being candid, clear and authentic, potentially facing discomfort and putting truthfulness above convenience. Guided by strong ethics means that we consider dignity, respect and uprightness as non-negotiable in doing business. And while we like to showcase our values, genuine integrity is demonstrated best how people behave when nobody is watching. Read more in Ornela’s blog “The Quest for Integrity in the Workplace”.

Courage – We are fearless in the pursuit of our vision and strategic dreaming.

For us, being fearless does not necessarily equal the absence of doubt or apprehension, but being brave in spite of all the reasons not to. Pursuing our vision means the relentless ambition to make the world a better place by developing people to lead from within. This is the fuel that drives our engine every day. Strategic Dreaming® is the intentional pursuit of a cherished, greatly desired aspiration by applying imagination, willpower and action. Being courageous is not necessarily a trait people are born with but we can practice and develop courage. Read more in Katrien’s blog including 5 tips on “Courage, Wisdom, and the Small Successes“.

Positivity – We choose to focus on opportunities, even at times of challenge.

Choosing to focus on opportunities means to seek the value, the learning, the potential benefit in pretty much every situation. Times of challenge we’ve seen plenty and more often than not, it would be so much easier to just succumb to the circumstances and give up. Instead, it’s okay to feel defeated at times – actually, it is important to still acknowledge those feelings and give them space – but to also find back to positivity, even and especially in the face of adversity. Beware of the trap of toxic positivity, though! Genuine positivity accepts that there will be continued challenges along the way and that it’s okay to recognize and have these emotions and STILL see opportunities. Read more in Paul’s blog “The Power of Genuine Positivity”.

Passion – We are driven by our inner purpose to make a difference because we care.

Being driven by our inner purpose means to check our soul’s compass from time to time to ensure that we are still on track with what we want to do with our precious lifetime. Making a difference in people lives is one of the greatest perks of our work. Knowing that better leaders make better decisions, take better actions and influence others more effectively, is a great motivation. Because we care is the sentiment that unites us in everything we do. We care for people, planet and purpose and we care enough to personalize every interaction and live by the principle of ‘tough love’ which is what our participants feel when we care for them. Read more in Monique’s blog “On Discovering and Living Passion”.

Authored by Martina Mangelsdorf, Chief Strategic Dreamer at GAIA Insights.