Daniela Acosta

Imaginative Journey Companion

When Daniela set off from her home in Uruguay on a post-university road trip around Europe in 1995, she never imagined she would still be living in London more than two decades later. She just loves the feeling of being completely at home in both Great Britain and Uruguay.

Despite having qualified as a systems engineer and a language teacher, during her 10+ years in Public Services in the UK, Daniela has helped people from diverse backgrounds reach deeper levels of self-discovery, experiencing regular a-ha moments and developmental leaps at a personal and professional level. Quick to engage and establish rapport, she is passionate about understanding people’s motivations and attitudes to change. Whether she is working with organizations or individuals, this has been the driver behind her imaginative approach to facilitating transformative breakthroughs. Her own professional development took an upward turn when she was mentored by a CEO. It was his support which gave Daniela a tremendous insight into leadership, and the encouragement to train and qualify as a coach.

Her personal mission is to contribute to making the world a better place by helping people connect with their true self and live more conscious, joyful lives. A nature enthusiast, Daniela is a go-to journey companion, whether embarking on a challenging new trail or re-discovering a well established path.

Curious fact #1

Daniela loves walking in nature and capturing her walk moods in reflective photographs that have become a trademark with her friends.

Curious fact #2

She sings every morning to warm up her voice for the day. Songs also remind her that people find inspiration in many things and so does she!

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