Paul Elias

Leadership Survival Trainer

Paul has spent his career coaching and developing people to the very highest of standards in a wide variety of challenging and high-risk environments. He started out as a Performance Coach in the Royal Air Force and traveled the globe in a very busy but fulfilling role. More recently, he has dedicated his time in helping existing and future leaders ‘be the best they can possibly be’ in the corporate and public sectors. His mission is to help people understand their own behaviors and that of others to foster growth, raise awareness and ultimately help us all get along a little bit better.

Paul is a true activist and can regularly be seen surfing a wave, climbing, skiing up and down a mountain or riding his bike. He has a strong connection with the outdoors mentally and physically. Paul is a very proud Welshman who lives in North Wales with his wife, two sons and an ever-growing family of pets. Spending time with his loved ones is very important to him.

Curious fact #1

Paul was once drafted off the streets to be an extra in the Hollywood Movie ‘The Pelican Brief’. His stardom was very short-lived though, as he was thrown into a crowd of roughly 500, held up a demonstration sign and noticed after the final cut that he was only a blur in the distance. He did get to meet Denzil Washington though…

Curious fact #2

Paul likes to take up a new sport every 8-12 months.

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