Katrien Roels

Helping Hand Hero

Belgian-born Katrien left the busy pace of Brussels behind a few years ago, and moved to a remote Basque village in the south west of France. She finds that the tranquility of her current location provides the perfect balance for her busy life. Over the course of the past 20 years, tri-lingual Katrien has worked in advertising, event management, human resources and commercial support roles, honing her organization skills and client focus.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and smooth operations while maintaining a positive mindset is what Katrien brings to GAIA Insights. She describes her work as being largely administrative, but she is adamant she is no-one’s assistant. Her role means acting as organizer, coordinator, mother, best friend and person who kicks up the butt when action is required. Although Katrien is a behind-the-scenes person, she takes care of many of the small details that make up much of the GAIA Insights magic.

Katrien’s quiet home life is complemented by her love of reading and crochet. She is delighted to be part of a comeback craft movement, and is thrilled by the beautiful yarns she uses to create throws, wraps and scarves.

Curious fact #1

Life in her Basque village means that Katrien can be close to nature: She and her partner have a horse living right in their garden.

Curious fact #2

Katrien likes to save lives. She does this by donating blood every three months when the transfusion van visits her little corner of France.

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