Valeria Torino

Harmonizing Horse Whisperer

Valeria has always been a curious, adventurous spirit who wanted to see the world and had a strong passion to help others. After obtaining a degree in Industrial Engineering, Valeria set out to explore international management consulting as a means to help people with business challenges, initially based in her native Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For the past 20 years, Valeria has been working with a few boutique consultancies and some larger ones. Her language capabilities have been helpful in connecting with people in the countries and regions where she has worked for far: fluent Spanish, English, Portuguese, and a bit of Italian, that can quickly become a lot when she spends enough time exposed to other Italian speakers. Valeria has also gone through an entrepreneurial stage with the desire to make a difference in the training consulting marketplace. This experience has been a very intense and interesting part of her journey, during which she learned a lot about starting a business and about herself as a leader and, above all, as a human being. Connected to her own life-long quest to become the best version of herself, she has joined GAIA Insights to help others in that transformational endeavor.

Her life was not short of challenges, and Valeria has always turned to self-reflection to deal with adversity, to learn from difficult times and to grow as a human being. Both therapy and meditation are spaces for her to reconnect with herself and gain both perspective and insight. Her curiosity to travel the world and her desire to live in Europe have brought her to Madrid, where she is currently enjoying lovely new people in her life, beautiful landscapes, amazing food and lifestyle.

Curious fact #1

Valeria feels deeply connected to horses. Whenever she is around them, she feels they heal her and help her grow as a human being. She has shared many adventures with horses, increasing her sensitivity and deepening her connection with nature.

Curious fact #2

Valeria has a passion for the performing arts, and enjoys singing and dancing in a team setting like singing in a choir or dancing a choreography together with others. Performing in sync with others, fills her heart with joy and harmony.

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