Martina Mangelsdorf

Chief Strategic Dreamer

Martina’s imagination is at the heart of GAIA Insights, the company she founded in 2012. Her ability to imagine things and then make them happen applies across her whole life, ever since she was a child growing up nearby the sea.

Martina discovered her passion for developing people early on in her professional life, which she started in Marketing & Communications, then moving into Human Resources. At the age of 29, when others predicted she would be making a huge mistake jeopardizing her budding career, Martina quit work to fulfill her life-long dream of traveling around the world. To this day, spending 15 months on the road, solo backpacking across six continents, was one of the most courageous decisions she has ever taken and anchored her deep connection to planet Earth.

After she returned, Martina continued to build her corporate track record focusing on Talent Management and Leadership Development. Her increasing frustration with traditional approaches to developing next generation leaders led to the foundation of GAIA Insights to connect people and planet with a deeper sense of purpose. What started as a dream of one, has become a movement of many.

After having been to over 70 countries and having lived in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and the US for almost 20 years, Martina relocated back to her native Germany where she lives on a secret island-getaway, dreaming up the next big thing.

Curious fact #1

Martina likes to beat her own drum and gather others to follow. Not only is she the driving force at the heart of her company, she’s also the bass drummer keeping a steady beat in an African drumming group.

Curious fact #2

Whether she is speaking in front of an audience, shining on stage as an amateur actress or directing youth musicals, Martina enjoys the occasional spotlight despite being an introvert!

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