Debbie Jeremiah

Ingenious Inkling Initiator

Debbie lives in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, in the East of England, amongst medieval timber framed houses and rustic thatched cottages. The gently rolling landscapes, once the inspiration for painters such as Gainsborough and Constable, now provide the backdrop for a different sort of art; the art of insight and reflection. Her favorite daily pastime is a “right good think”, whilst out walking the dog. Her favorite accompanying soundtrack? The sound of wind through high pine trees or a field of barley, the song of a blackbird or skylark and rain on a golfing umbrella. And, of course, silence too.

After a successful career in Finance within High-Tech and Pharmaceutical – and even a supercar company – Debbie made a mid-life career switch, changing from balancing the books, to helping balance minds and thoughts. Teaching people about what stops and starts their own minds, and how they can better support their minds, led her to GAIA Insights, where she now supports self-reflection and insight in others.

On weekends, Debbie can be found at a London airport with her airport therapy dog Ellie, spreading calm, smiles and puppy love to nervous, stressed or anxious travelers. Debbie does it for the benefit of fellow travelers. Ellie does it for the dropped snacks. Debbie would one day love to have a big pack of happiness hounds to spread more Labrador love, but recognizes she’s going to need a much bigger sofa first.

Curious fact #1

“Wood, wood, wood; wood vibrations”. Debbie founded her own log cabin retreat company. She thinks a spot of wilderness cabin fever, especially with a hot spring nearby, is just the ticket for getting perspective.

Curious fact #2

Debbie is on a mission to find the perfect “cream tea”, in the perfect (dog-friendly) tea room, in the perfect location. Despite extensive research, results are inconclusive, and investigations are ongoing. Recommendations welcome!

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