Emily Koolen

Transformative Change Agent

After a career growing companies from the ground up in various sectors such as technology, supply chain, finance and more in traditional HR and management consulting roles, Emily decided to focus on what she knew was needed in every single company – developing leaders and developing people into leaders. As a certified leadership coach, strategic people consultant, facilitator, program architect and trainer, she works with leaders and their teams to ensure transformative change in the people which make up the heart of every company.

For an HR specialist, Emily is something of a rebel. During a successful consultancy and solopreneur career, she never was keen on restrictive rules and narrow ways of seeing and doing. Emily has always embraced alternative perspectives. As a self-confessed cynic, she would not have believed that there was a role which nurtured her capability at the same time as exceeding her low boredom threshold, but she has found that at GAIA Insights. She loves being part of an organization which is able to bend and flex, and isn’t hidebound by rules.

Emily is a proud Canadian who adores her homeland but has recently relocated to the heartland of England. No matter where she is based in the world, it is important to Emily to contribute to the community. She continues to act as a mentor and volunteer on projects combating homelessness and cycles of poverty. She has lived in a number of countries and is always open to adventure in food, sports and wine with her family.

Curious fact #1

Emily has always had a bit of an adventurous streak. She is willing to try almost anything at least once. She has an affinity and attraction for most bodies of water and finds her peace most when swimming, in a canoe, on a surf or paddle board.

Curious fact #2

Emily has a love for wine and the food that compliments it. Her beloved dog is even named after one of her favourite wineries. She loves to experiment with pairings but doesn’t actually do any cooking – that’s a job for her husband (and even kids).

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