Manuela Baier

Creative Chaos Navigator

Manuela has come full circle to live just outside of Salzburg, Austria, close to the mountain village where she grew up. Although she has returned to put down roots and raise a family in the place that she loves, Manuela is an alien species in her part of the world – she is the only person in her wider family who works internationally.

During a 15-year career in hospitality management and consulting in the Netherlands, Lithuania and London, Manuela developed her impressive project and people management skills. She had a light bulb moment when recruited by a senior consultant in the corporate education industry who went against the conventional corporate grain. For Manuela, this experience highlighted the importance of being a person who opens doors for others, and as GAIA Insights’ first-ever employee, she has applied that principle ever since. Center-stage is not important to Manuela, she describes herself as a good Number 2. Providing solid, sustainable structures and trustful environments for clients and colleagues is what matters most to her.

Manuela turns creative ideas into actionable plans and compares her work with completing a puzzle or playing Tetris. She has great passion for change and personal development, hence her business coach accreditation. At GAIA Insights, she likes to explore different angles and inspire new ways of thinking. Manuela takes off to recharge her batteries in the mountains with family and friends.

Curious fact #1

Instead of a television, Manuela has over 160 board games at home. If it was possible, Manuela would introduce board games to schools as alternative learning tools.

Curious fact #2

To say Manuela has a big family is an understatement: With more than 70 people living in the same region, family celebrations are large-scale events.

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