Spencer Utt

Global Education Ambassador

Spencer grew up climbing the mountain peaks surrounding Salt Lake City, Utah, then promptly moved out to get a look at more distant horizons. He has been moving around the world ever since, encountering inspiring people while picking up (and forgetting) several foreign languages along the way. He has now immigrated to Germany and made Berlin his home base for the adventures to come.

Spencer has been driven throughout his career to build a more connected world through global education. He joined GAIA Insights in 2019 after working in the higher education sector in program management and international student support. What Spencer enjoys most about working with GAIA Insights is its forward-thinking approach of developing learning programs that go above and beyond knowledge gained in traditional academic environments.

Curious fact #1

Spencer enjoys slower methods of travel, and long-distance solo treks are his most preferred way of seeing the world. Among Spencer’s many knee-numbing forays are a two-week journey across Germany’s Black Forest and one month around Nepal’s Khumbu Region.

Curious fact #2

Spencer spent his angsty teenage years blasting the music of Shostakovich and Prokofiev. It was his love of recreating this music that inspired him to complete a degree in bassoon performance. So far, he has performed on stage with orchestras on four continents.

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