Ornela Cumplido

Creative Diplomat

Ornela is a very positive person with many hobbies and passions. Because of this personality trait, she decided to study Communication and Journalism, with the idea of being creative in diverse industries, developing exciting concepts. She believes the science of communication is a form of art to help people connect.

During the first years of her career, Ornela developed internal communications for manufacturing companies in her native Mexico. While it was an enriching time, something was missing. She was convinced she needed to follow her initial desire of placing creativity at the heart of her career. She started to open her horizons to new cultures and different paradigms by completing a Masters in Marketing in Italy.

Following her degree, Ornela worked in creative agencies and got to know a more innovate side of her profession – quickly adapting and implementing marketing from a holistic perspective. Nowadays, she lives in Switzerland and continues her journey adding creativity in everything she does. At GAIA Insights, she has the objective of taking its voice to the next level.

You would be able to talk to Ornela if you speak in Spanish, English or Italian but, although she is studying German, if you ‘spreek Dutch’ to her, she most likely will only smile and wave back. But no worries – being the friendly socializer she is, Ornela would still find a way to connect!

Curious fact #1

If you talk about movies, Ornela will get excited because she likes good storytelling and impressive photography. Prepare for an entertaining conversation if you mention “The Big Fish”.

Curious fact #2

Ornela is deeply in love with animals – all of them. Nevertheless, Winny, her 7-year old Husky, is her favorite. Oh, and days that include taquitos, lemon and salsa are always good days!

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