Katie Carano


Katie, a global citizen, combines her professional experience in operations, program management, education and development with her personal strengths of deep focus, diligence, responsiveness and attention to detail. For her, getting the job done, and done well, is very important to deliver top notch service to international clients and colleagues alike.

At GAIA Insights, Katie offers real efficiency plus organizational skills. As a methodical person, she treads carefully to make sure that processes and procedures run smoothly, but she is also stimulated by a working culture where creative ideas about future direction are encouraged. Her work with a variety of Fortune 500 clients, her experience and capabilities allow Katie to be part of the learning and development process from start to finish. She carries high expectations for herself and loves working with those who hold her to those expectations.

Katie enjoys uncovering new learnings. She is energetic and brings integrity, organization and a high level of service to the work environment. Katie is fascinated by food and nutrition and keeps a watchful eye on culinary and food science trends, although a simple, fresh, summer tomato will always be a winner for her. Despite being born and raised in cold and snowy Detroit, USA, Katie has spent her adult life chasing the sun.

Curious fact #1

Katie is a fast walker and talker, literally, which helps keep GAIA Insights moving forward! She slows down for Kermit the Frog, gourmet grilled cheeses sandwiches, passion fruit, cancer research and roller coasters!

Curious fact #2

As someone blessed with a full head of hair, Katie regularly “farms” her massive locks to provide wigs for kids. Additionally, she enjoys traveling and truly enjoying food in her free time.

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