How Do You CONNECT With Others At Work?

Are you coping with the new reality of the hybrid workplace?
Do you know how to collaborate effectively when team members have different working arrangements?

CONNECT by GAIA Insights helps organizations, teams and individuals to successfully navigate the future of work by creating meaningful connections that go beyond just mastering technology and tools.

Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued.

Brené Brown

CONNECT Is For You If You Want To:

  • Prepare your workforce for transition to a hybrid workplace, or you already work with or in a distributed team

  • Enhance virtual collaboration skills, as well as ensuring proper self-care to deal with the effects of technology on the brain and body by addressing the associated mental and emotional challenges

  • Develop your managers and improve remote leadership skills to boost engagement among their teams. Staff want their leaders to care for and nurture them. Technology is a way to “bridge the distance” but it’s how leaders leverage technology that truly connects them with their staff – and ultimately gives your business a competitive advantage

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“I had big reservations since (the program) was a digital journey only. I have been positively surprised and very motivated throughout. I strongly recommend it.”

GAIA Insights program participant


Remote working requires different skills to accomplish organizational goals, and it starts with prioritizing digital well-being. Learn how to manage your energy at work, eliminate distractions, set boundaries and overcome mental and emotional challenges like online meeting fatigue to enhance your resilience and performance.


Distributed teams will only perform at their best if they adapt their virtual interactions, communication and collaboration skills. Understand how to engage, motivate and appreciate each other virtually – and have fun and socialize – supported by practical and easy-to-implement tools.


Beyond new tools and technology, learn to lead with authenticity and increase trust and psychological safety in distributed teams, as a basis for strong interpersonal relationships and effective decision-making. Explore the benefits of increased autonomy and alignment to create an environment that drives intrapreneurship and boosts morale by engaging people’s minds and hearts.

GAIA Insights is a virtual company with an entire team that has worked remotely for almost a decade. We are happy to share our learnings with you and discuss how your teams can truly CONNECT.

CONNECT To Make Virtual Work Effective

Create meaningful connections and reinvent remote working.

Succeed In The Hybrid Workplace

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Did you know...

We also offer professional services such as individual or team coaching, consulting, facilitation or conversations with a GAIA Guide as your “critical friend”.

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