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At GAIA Insights, we are dreaming of a world that is worth living in, both for us and for future generations. Corporations play a major role in shaping that world. That’s why our vision is to make the world a better place by shaping corporate leaders to lead from within.

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About Us

Company Profile

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2020 Results and Impact Survey

Read our 2020 Survey results for our impact on leaders & organizations.

Success Stories

Client Success Story – Early Talent

Find out about the impact of the early talent program we delivered for 250 leaders.

APM Terminals – Client Success Story

See APM Terminal's view on our programs & what the business benefits are.

Client Success Story – 100% Virtual Program

Read about a 100% virtual program we designed for a large international client.


Lead With Authenticity And Impact

Read more about ASPIRE in our brochure.

ASPIRE To Transform Your Leaders

Transform your self, team & organization.

Lead From Within

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Build Resilience For Optimal Performance

Read more about BALANCE in our brochure.


Equalize. Energize. Sustain.

Because, We Are Human

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Succeed In The Hybrid Workplace

Read more about CONNECT in our 2-page summary.

CONNECT To Make Virtual Work Effective

Create meaningful connections & reinvent remote working.

Care, Collaborate, CONNECT

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Foster Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Read more about EMPOWER in our brochure.

EMPOWER Yourself And Others

Learn. Unlearn. Act.

Remove The Mask

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Thrive In A New Leadership Paradigm

Read more about RISE in our brochure.

RISE To Nurture Future-Fit Leaders

Develop innovative, agile & Regenerative Leaders.

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive

Tell us how we can help your leaders RISE here!

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