Future-Fit Thinking

I spend a lot of time talking with senior business executives discussing how their leaders and organizations need to evolve and adapt to respond to our rapidly changing world and its current challenges.

What am I hearing?

Organizations often recognize the importance of adopting sustainable business practices. However, for many, going beyond well-intentioned commitments to the UN’s sustainable development goals to actually embedding tangible (and profitable) regenerative business practices proves to be a challenge.

Why is this? I believe it is because they are seeking external change without addressing the need for internal transformation. In this context, Einstein’s quote comes to mind: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. And yet, many of us seem to be unconsciously falling into this trap. Leaders will not facilitate the innovation and huge evolution we need by applying linear, reductionist logic from 19th and 20th century management thinking that views and treats organizations as machines.

One way of creating future-fit organizations is by adopting Regenerative Leadership, which is based on a profound change in mindset. At the heart of this approach lies the Logic of Life, as Regenerative Leadership sees organizations for what they truly are – living systems. This shift in leadership mindset begins with an inner journey of personal transformation and ‘unlearning’ traditional patterns of thought and action.

How could future-fit, regenerative thinking transform your organization?

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Authored by James Salter, Sales Manager