James Salter

Tenacious New Opportunity Explorer

After studying Materials Engineering at University, James decided he wanted to work more closely with people, and after a few years as a youth worker, he discovered his love for development. While working as an outdoor instructor, his passion for the outdoors gave him the opportunity to facilitate outdoor experiential learning programs. He was fascinated by the opportunity to observe individual and group dynamics as teams undertook practical problem-solving exercises and was quickly convinced of the power of this method for catalyzing behavioral change and helping participants to apply the lessons to the wider world and organizational change.

Since then, James has combined his love for learning and development with his business acumen in several different roles selling, designing and delivering development programs. However, it is James’ passion for making connections with new prospects and helping them to develop leadership development programs which now drives him as he seeks to find clients who share our mission to change the world one leader at a time.

Away from work, James continues to indulge his love for the outdoors in rural Suffolk where he now lives by getting out on his bike whenever possible or simply taking walks in the forest with his young family.

Curious fact #1

James lives close to Rendlesham Forest, famous for being the site of a supposed UFO incident in the early 1980’s!

Curious fact #2

Over the years James’ wanderlust has led him to visit six out of the seven continents; he hopes one day to add Antarctica to the list.

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