Because, we are human.

Do you feel you are in sync, or a bit off balance?
You are not alone if you are finding it hard to maintain your own personal well-being.
That is why GAIA Insights designed the BALANCE Open Enrollment Program.

Join thousands of other participants who describe our programs as “life-changing”.
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BALANCE will equip you with practical tools and strategies to maintain a positive, healthy and productive balance in your life. The program runs for 8 months – to allow you to experience and develop new habits and behaviors that will really last. So you can create and maintain your vision of balanced ways of living and working.

Receive 1 free mentoring call to develop your own personal balance plan and 3 free individual coaching sessions during the program if you are one of the first 10 people to register.

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You only have one life. Live it. 

Since 2012, GAIA Insights has delivered programs to more than 3000 leaders. Read what participants say here.

With the BALANCE program, you will develop the vital leadership skill of striking and sustaining your individual balance. Embark on your very own learning journey supported by experts in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. By learning to understand your own habits, personal motivators and any barriers you face, you will be able to implement and anchor new behaviors for long-lasting results.

The interactive nature of the program means that every participant will receive personalized guidance from our BALANCE facilitators. You will experience a safe environment to learn and grow, hold yourself (and others) accountable, and be fully supported to positively impact your health and well-being.

The BALANCE program is for you if:

  • You are a leader, entrepreneur, manager or employee who recognizes the importance of health and well-being – you want to take care of yourself, and those around you

  • You are perhaps struggling with the current demands of your role, or with the strains of the pandemic

  • You are finding it challenging to juggle your career with your personal life, or you just want to be ahead of the game

The program is also suitable for organizations who want to send teams or small groups. Please reach out to Justine Benson to discuss if special rates apply to you.

Meet Paul Elias



BALANCE is anchored in four key pillars. You will explore each of them at length, as well as understand their close connection and how they build upon each other:

Physical Balance

Is it... a balancing act?

Mental Balance

How does your brain influence your health?

Emotional Balance

How are you, really?

Spiritual Balance

Do you ever wonder... who you really are?

Physical Balance

Explore the many elements of developing and maintaining physical well-being and resilience. Learn how exercise, activity and movement can improve your energy levels, the importance of healthy nutritional and hydration habits, and crucial information around sleep patterns, effective rest and recovery.

Mental Balance

How does the brain affect thoughts and behavioral patterns? You will discover helpful tools and strategies to optimize mental focus, presence and mindfulness. This will help you to be better equipped to manage setbacks, build mental resilience and influence negative thought patterns.

Emotional Balance

Examine emotional triggers, how you can recognize stress factors effectively and how you can better manage emotional responses. Stress factors can include financial aspects, relationships, trauma and more. Also explore the limbic system of the brain, the causes and effects of stress, as well as strategies for you to manage emotion in the heat of the moment.

Spiritual Balance

Inquire into how you can gain energy from faith and spiritual connectedness. Clarity about your own values, principles, morals and beliefs can help you understand what is influencing your actions. You will discuss the terms “purpose and meaning” and how this has shaped your life so far.

Program Details

  • 14 bi-weekly webinars of 1 hour each (two time slots to choose from)

  • 4 Masterclasses of 3 hours each, covering each of the program pillars (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)

  • Designated small group sessions during the program for networking and accountability

  • Practical assignments and exercises for real-life application throughout the program

  • A social learning community to share experiences and reflect on your insights

  • Permanent access to a robust knowledge library packed with resources

  • A self-assessment to measure the impact of your personal learning journey

  • 1:1 individual feedback from a BALANCE Mentor upon demand

If you want to maximize the impact on your balance, you may also include optional individual 1:1 coaching sessions for EUR 200 per hour.

Total program cost: Only EUR 3,950 per person.


Paul Elias

BALANCE Facilitator & Performance Coach

Paul is a performance coach specialized in building leaders’ resilience. His background as a Royal Air Force physical training instructor underpins his talent to use habits and motivators to help people maintain their personal balance.

Adie Shariff

Psychologist & UK Sports Elite Coach

Adie is a psychologist with more than 25 years’ experience supporting individuals and teams to improve their results. His success comes from a rigorous understanding of performance psychology and a strong focus on practical change.

Maria Kassova

Chief Kindness Officer & Empathy Coach

Maria is a motivational speaker, facilitator and executive coach. Maria’s passion is to guide people to lead with appreciation and collaboration in order to bring more kindness, compassion and empathy into the corporate world.

Esther van der Ham

Eye Opener & Intuitive Coach

Esther is a coach and facilitator who connects people with their potential. Esther works in practical and creative ways to help people discover how being themselves positively empowers all aspects of their personal balance and spiritual well-being.

Sample Program Structure



Program Launch

2-3pm CET or 5-6pm CET

Bi-weekly Webinars

2-3pm CET or 5-6pm CET

Masterclass 1

1-4pm CET or 5-8pm CET

Masterclass 2

2-5pm CET or 5.30-8.30pm CET

Masterclass 3

1-4pm CET or 5-8pm CET

Masterclass 4

1-4pm CET or 5-8pm CET

Program Closure

2-3pm CET or 5-6pm CET

➥ Receive 1 free mentoring call to develop your own personal balance plan, 3 free individual coaching sessions throughout the program, and early bird access to our exclusive knowledge library if you are one of the first 10 people to register.

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