Christiane Dellmann

Communications Connoisseur

After graduating from university, Christiane was determined to become a fashion editor – something she tested, wasn’t fully convinced of and suddenly she found herself doing public relations and marketing for IT companies. Not exactly the same but she realized soon that both encapsulate what she excels at: communicating, envisioning, managing and setting the stage for others to truly shine.

During her career in IT, Aviation and Manufacturing, Christiane was inspired, supported and sometimes challenged to combine having a family as well as a job she fully enjoys. This is what she feels strongly about and wants to role model. For her it is not about being perfect or having it all, but about holding spaces to think, to play, to support, to laugh – and do some exercise.

Born and raised by the sea in Northern Germany, Christiane still feels at home the moment she sees and feels water – the more the better. Nevertheless, she has explored other domiciles including the UK, USA and France, and was even quite attracted to the mountains when living in Munich. But ultimately, she was drawn back to the element of water – sort of – since she fell in love with snow and skiing. And now, living in Switzerland, this is fully taken care of.

Curious fact #1

Passionate about architecture, Christiane long contemplated becoming an architect, but has now decided to keep it as something to look forward to when retiring. In the meantime, she loves to explore cities, opera houses and cafés.

Curious fact #2

Christiane gets excited by Christmas: candles, cookies, celebrations… Her passion for tinsel inspired her to explore what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in Thailand, go caroling in London and make her own tree decorations.

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