Claire Coulson

Fixer by Nature

According to Claire, everyone is mad in some way, including herself. Not necessarily mad in a bad way, but everyone has their own habits and idiosyncrasies. As a highly experienced Executive Assistant, Claire knows that the trick is to understand and navigate your way around those foibles. As a long-serving and successful Personal Assistant, Claire is on a mission to organize the world, but she also sees her role as being a supporter, a sounding board and a therapist.

The role of right-hand woman suits Claire’s personality well, she is someone who needs to be needed, and who flourishes in her off-center-stage position. Working with GAIA Insights has presented Claire with an unusual and most welcome culture change – she’s delighted to be treated like an adult, able to manage her own time and workload.

Claire would love to claim that she is all grown up in her personal life too, but the reality is that she is just as likely to watch a make-up video online, as she is to read a book or listen to a podcast. She gets more pleasure than is normal when out walking with her dog Shirley (yes, that is her real name), and she loves the silliness of sharing practical jokes and dark humor with her husband. Cooking and entertaining also fulfill her need to be wanted.

Curious fact #1

Claire’s father came from Jamaica in 1954 to play professional cricket in England. He was a local legend as the first black player for County Durham, and even has his own Wikipedia page.

Curious fact #2

Claire believes that she was put on this earth to make roast potatoes. Her version is so good that folk songs will be written about them and they will pass into legend.

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